You do not want to miss out on hundreds of patients! About 15% of implant procedure requires sinus lifting.

Within days you can get MAIMBE certified and start performing the minimally invasive balloon sinus lift procedures in your clinic.

Dentists can look forward to business growth with MIAMBE:

  • Preform minimally invasive sinus lift for your patients = > retain your patients
  • Treat all types of bone and sinus anatomies = > more patients
  • Shorten procedure times = > more patients per day
  • Reduce implant procedure costs (no membrane required, bone substitute quantity reduced)
  • Minimum post traumatic symptoms => happy patients
  • Low complication rates => enhanced reputation
  • Increase clinic revenues

What to expect at the MIAMBE certification training:

MIAMBE Training combined theoretic lessons and practical training. Following the short training, dentists are certified to use the MIAMBE kit to perform the safe balloon sinus lift.

During the first MIAMBE procedures, each dentist will receive personal accompaniment from a MIAMBE expert, when taking the first steps in using the system at the clinic.

We look forward to seeing you at the MIAMBE certification training. To register, please fill in the form.

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