Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation

The MIAMBE technique was first developed by Dr. Efraim Kfir. It has been used by thousands of practitioners and extensively researched for over a decade, making sinus lift an easier and safer procedure.

With the MIAMBE system the absence of sinus floor and cases of 0-4 mm of residual bone under the antral membrane can be resolved with excellent results. The whole procedure is conducted through a 3mm diameter osteotomy. The MIAMBE balloon is the only balloon for dental use, which is made of Silicon, as used in cardiology.

Balloon sinus lift is the ideal solution for patients who require dental implants in the posterior maxillary segment who frequently have insufficient bone mass for implant placement.

MIAMBE enables a safe sinus floor augmentation while reducing patient discomfort, such as pain, edema, hematoma and other complications such as bleeding, infection, nerve injury and antral membrane perforation.

Years of follow up reveal results are of long duration. Implants remain stable and functional with minimal resorbsion of bone around the implants (perimplantitis). Patients are well satisfied with the successful treatment.

MIAMBE Efficacy

  • Superb procedural success rate
  • Excellent sinus bone augmentation and implant survival
  • Fits all sinuses, bone substitute materials and implants
  • Sinus lift can be conducted in cases of missing sinus floor (oroantral dehiscence)
  • Sinus membrane elevation can be done also when the antral membrane is very thick
  • Excellent solution for single tooth replacement


  • Low complication rates
  • Shorter healing period
  • No sedation or general anesthesia required
  • In cases of sinus membrane perforation reentry can be conducted after 3 weeks (complete regeneration of the antral membrane without any histopathological evidence)

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To review the comprehensive research, read the clinical articles.

Our Team

Dr. Efraim Kfir

Medical Director and Founder

The inventor and developer of the MIAMBE kit and safe balloon sinus lift technique.
For over a decade, Dr. Kfir has developed and fine-tuned the MIAMBE kit and balloon sinus lift technique. He has trained and certified dozens of dentists to use it with great success. His extensive clinical research with regards to Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon Elevation; Technique, devices and methods has proven MIAMBE to be minimally invasive and safe with significant advantages to dentists and patients alike. Dr. Kfir has treated hundreds of patients and conducted numerous sinus lift procedures followed by implant placement in one sitting. Owner of a dental practice in Gan Shmuel, Israel, for over 20 years.

Amalia Herszkowicz

Managing Director, Advisor

A seasoned executive with over 20 years’ experience in leading medical, technology and media companies. Amalia brings 20 years' experience and a proven track record in management, business development, commercialization, regulation for medical, hi-tech and media companies. She has extensive knowledge in managing highly technical and diverse projects and teams, supervising various professionals, utilizing cutting tools and launching innovative products. She holds an MBA from Manchester University.

Rita Lupo

Regulatory Affairs

Engineer with vast practical experience with multidisciplinary engineering projects of products and systems, from small to mega projects, over every stage of products` life cycles (research, development, transfer to production, production, software validation) while meeting applicable regulations and standards. Proven experience with regulatory affairs and establishing and maintaining quality systems in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Energy Industries.

Shelly Eldar Gal

Sales Manager

Global Sales and Marketing expert with vast experience in the dental industry. Prior to joining the Miambe team, Shelly acquired her technical sales and marketing knowledge from a top leading dental implant company. Shelly has a proven track record in implementing sales strategies, new product launches and sales management.

Advisory Board

Prof. Moshe Goldstein, DMD


Chairman of the Educational Committee of the European Federation of Periodontology, Director of Postgraduate Periodontology Program at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center.
Prof. Goldstein is the Director of postgraduate Periodontology at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem, and maintains a private practice limited to periodontology and implantology in Tel-Aviv. Since 2014 he serves as the Chairman of the Educational Committee of the European Federation of Periodontology. He has served as former President of the Israeli Periodontal Society, former Chairman of Periodontal Board of the Israeli Dental Scientific Council, and former President of the European Federation of Periodontology. He is intensely involved in the clinical, scientific and educational aspects of Periodontics at the national and international level, is involved with development of clinical applications of periodontal surgical techniques, bone regenerative materials and dental implants systems. He has published internationally on diverse subjects, and lectured at more than 70 national and international professional events. He graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Hebrew University, and received his postgraduate Specialist in Periodontology Diploma from the Periodontal Department of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center.



Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories and Interventional Cardiology.
Dr. Kaluski is the Director of Cardiac Catherization Laboratories & Interventional Guthrie Health Services, and the former director of the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program at NJ Medical School. His knowledge and experience in the field of Catherization has contributed to the invention of MIAMBE. He has served as a PI in multicenter studies, which enrolled >4000 patients in multi-center trials. He is an active inventor and entrepreneur, has published over 130 peer review PubMed publications, conducted 12 peer review journals in cardiology & interventional cardiology, and is a renowned CME and interventional cardiology speaker. Dr. Kaluski has been appointed Professor of Medicine at Division of Cardiology Rutger’s University, NJ Medical School, NJ and Commonwealth Medical College, PA.

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