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periodontist FAQ


1How far does the balloon-harboring device advance into the sinus floor?
2What could cause the barometric pressure rise?
3What could cause the barometric pressure to drop to zero bar?
5What should I do if the membrane has been perforated?

In the case of Schneiderian membrane perforation, you abort the procedure. But before you close the flap, place a small piece of collagen membrane above the osteotomy. You can reenter after about 5-6 weeks.

6How high will the antral membrane be raised with the balloon?

On average, about 1 ml of fluid will raise the membrane by 11 mm of vertical height.

7What should you do if the bone height is 6 mm?

If the bone height is 6 mm, you can drill with the 3 mm MIAMBE kit bars until the sinus membrane is exposed. Next, use the MIAMBE curette to disconnect the membrane around the osteotomy and inject the bone substitute and proceed with implant placement. (No need for balloon use.)

8How much bone material should I insert?

The amount of bone matter will be two thirds of the volume (cc) that is used during balloon inflation.

9How do I remove the balloon?

WARNING! Never pull the balloon when it is inflated!
Deflate the balloon. Next, withdraw the balloon harboring device from the osteotomy. .

10When is the implant placed?

.An implant can be inserted only when good primary stability is achieved.

11What should I do if a larger diameter implant is required?

In this case, you have to enlarge the osteotomy diameter. This must be conducted only in the cortex part of the ridge with the final drill, then insert the implant.

12What should I do if there is no oro-antral bone dehiscence?

In this scenario, make a horizontal palatal full thickness incision followed by two full thickness vertical incisions along the alveolar ridge 2 mm beyond the dehiscence. This is followed by partial thickness flap to expose the bone defect (the oral mucosa is still attached to the antral membrane).

Use the MIAMBE curette with the 2.8 mm edge to disconnect the tissue from the bone until entering the sinus cavity.

Next, insert the metal sleeve 1 mm beyond the sinus floor. Depending on the defect diameter, you may need to hold the balloon harboring device (less than 3 mm, conduct regular procedure). .

13Where can I get more information about using MIAMBE?

You are invited to read our IFU documents and watch our video guide on the Support page.

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