research-sun nasal elevation
Article: June. 2011 – Minimally invasive sub-nasal elevation
July 23, 2017
Flappless sinus lift
Article: Nov. 2011 – Flapless approach to maxillary sinus augmentation using MIAMBE
July 23, 2017

Article: Sept. 2011 – MIAMBE for single-tooth implant placement

Minimally invasive antral membrane balloon elevation for single-tooth implant placement

Kfir E, Kfir V, Kaluski E, Mazor Z, Goldstein M. Quintessence Int. 2011 Sep; 42(8):645-50.

A single missing tooth in the posterior atrophic maxillary segment poses a therapeutic challenge. Open sinus lift is not often performed because of anatomical restrictions and the need for specific surgical skills. The osteotome approach has considerable efficacy and safety limitations. In many cases, the clinician elects to treat with a three-unit partial denture or discard any rehabilitation plans.

Two cases in which minimal invasive antral membrane balloon elevation was performed for single-tooth replacement are presented. This procedure appears to be a relatively simple, highly effective, and safe solution for single-tooth, implant-supported restorations of the posterior atrophic maxilla.

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